Obesity Laparoscopy


Welcome to Madeira, the paradise island, which will now give you the most efficient yet pleasant solution for the problem that has been darkening your life: morbid obesity.

We offer you laparoscopic bariatric surgery, i.e. minimally invasive laparoscopy or keyhole obesity surgery. We also offer you this surgery in a precious private hospital setting which actually lives up to the highest quality standards. And we combine all this with a unique stay in a four star resort, right on the ocean shore, where you will recuperate from the surgery in a lush environment, whilst still being watched by a highly qualified nurse.

Your surgeon will be Doctor Jacques Himpens, one of the pioneers of laparoscopic obesity surgery, and one of the most experienced and skilled bariatric surgeons.

Obesity is a disease which causes many other life threatening conditions to develop. You most certainly have tried on numerous occasions to get rid of this demon, but alas in vain. What we offer you now, is the one and only real treatment of morbid obesity: bariatric surgery, and we will concentrate all our efforts to make this experience as little unpleasant as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our website and finally find the answers to your life long torture: morbid obesity.

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