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Non-Surgical Vein Treatment Options

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The interventional radiologists at The Secret Vein Clinic offer non-surgical treatment options for varicose veins and spider veins. Surgery isn’t the only way to alleviate painful symptoms of varicose veins or feel better about the looks of one’s feet. Find out about the minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatment choices that may be right for you.



Phlebectomy is most often used to remove irregular medium-to-large veins. You may get local anesthesia at the incision site to numb the area that is entire. Using  a special pair  of tools, health related conditions makes tiny incisions in  the skin to eliminate  the veins that are affected. These incisions are so small that stitches aren’t needed.



Sclerotherapy is used to treat spider veins. During the task, a radiologist will use a fine needle to inject a solution directly to the spider veins, which in turn causes them to show to scar tissue and slowly fade. It will take approximately 2-6 weeks to see the full outcomes.



During venous ablation, a thin catheter is placed to the vein through a little cut into the epidermis. The catheter delivers radiofrequency (RF) or laser energy to the vein wall surface, causing it to heat, collapse and seal shut. After the vein that is diseased closed, other healthy veins take over to empty blood from your feet. As normal circulation is re-established, your symptoms should improve significantly. The vast majority of patients report improvement in symptoms and appearance instantly after this varicose vein treatment. In fact, ninety eight percent of patients who have actually undergone venous ablation would suggest it to a pal or family member with similar leg vein problems.



All minimally-invasive, non-surgical varicose vein treatments offered at The Secret Vein Clinic require very recovery time that is little. Most patients can resume daily tasks the same day or the day that is following. Compression stockings are needed for around two weeks, and assist to support blood flow that is healthy.

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Mole Removal Will Likely Make You Feel More Attractive

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As unattractive as they may appear, many moles aren’t life-threatening. Essentially, they’ve been dark spots which are found on your skin. Moles arrive a ton of various varieties as well as a ton of different shapes. And so they can be located on simply about every section of the body. Moles are not picky about where they arrive. Some moles will be on their own, along with other moles provides various pals together with them and search in clusters. If you’re fed up with your mole(s), it might be time to consider mole elimination.

Many people have moles that appear slowly with time, yet others have moles since they were born that they have had. Dependent on where in fact the mole is on your human anatomy, it might be completely unnoticed. There are also moles that tend to be certain are considered to be beauty markings. However, when you look at the majority that is vast of, moles tend to be undesired.

That you are interested in getting them removed if you have moles that are bothering you, it is likely. No matter what the practices which are made use of, you shall notice an improvement in your appearance. Depending on the mole, you could decrease specific health problems as well.

A years that are few, people were not so worried about getting rid of their particular moles. They may not have liked all of them, nonetheless they performed not begin to see the benefit of checking out the trouble associated with the mole removal process. Today, aesthetic medication changed therefore considerably that more folks would believe it is worse to help keep the mole rather than take it off.

One of many great things about having your mole removed is so it lets you start your daily activities without frustration. As an example, if you have a mole in your face or even a mole on your leg, that protruding mole might create it difficult for you when you shave. Or when you yourself have a mole on an area in which you wear clothing or wear precious jewelry, getting rid of the mole can lessen your skin discomfort you may possibly feel once the mole rubs up against your jewelry or your garments. When you have a mole on your face, chances are that it’s a source of self-consciousness. If you take away the mole, it’s likely you have clear epidermis and you might realize that your self-esteem improves. To be always a candidate that is good mole reduction, you ought to be physically and emotionally healthy. a procedure that is cosmetic mole removal was created  to enhance a certain facet  of the way you look. It’s not designed to prompt you to look perfect. To that end, you need to have goals that are realistic expectations about mole removal.





Why you don’t always need go to an Urgent Care

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Urgent Care facilities are really a way that is great get reliable, affordable healthcare when you need it most. Regrettably, this fact makes it easy for folks to go to your nearby Urgent Care when it really isn’t needed. In fact, over 3 million Americans see Urgent Cares every week. So when should you go to Urgent Care? While it is better to be safe than sorry, here are some of this typical symptoms that shouldn’t need Urgent Care assistance.

Scrapes and bruises

Every moms and dad really wants to keep the youngster secure, but bumps and bruises don’t frequently need treatment. Only bring your child to an urgent care if there clearly was injury to your mind or when there is serious pain.

This is true of grownups too. Clean the wound very carefully and monitor for signs of improvement. Whenever should pay a visit to Urgent Care? If the pain don’t get away after  a days that are few it appears  like the scrape is contaminated, seek medical help at your 24 hour Urgent Care.

Belly aches consider carefully your diet together with diet of the kid. Did you consume any such thing from the today that is ordinary? Did you eat an excessive amount of one positive thing? Try at-home treatments to ease pains that are minor bringing yourself or your youngster.

Sometimes it could be difficult to get your son or daughter to inform you what they consumed. As opposed to asking them to outline their diet, inquire further if they attempted such a thing today that is new. Also, be sure to ask them in which the pain is centered. If it is regarding the remaining side of their body beneath their ribs, it may be appendicitis. In that case, you need to visit an urgent care or emergency room straight away.

Minor falls for the adult that is healthy falling shouldn’t be a concern until you encounter pain for an extended period of time. But, if you’re senior or have a youngster, you need to go to an Urgent Care nearby if you hear anything snap or if you cannot straighten the limb.

Signs will typically disappear following a minor fall after rest and remedies in the home. Try hot as well as cold medication together with acetaminophen to ease swelling.

Minor colds

We all get sick, particularly when you start a new work, there’s a big change in season, or if you’re simply a kid. Typically, colds don’t require medical attention unless the in-patient is experiencing vomiting, dehydration, or has a weakened system that is immune. If signs like diarrhea and mild fevers don’t dissipate quickly, it’s likely you might have to bring them into an Urgent Care facility.

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Cosmetic versus Functional Rhinoplasty

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When speaking about rhinoplasty, I reveal to patients that the term that is single refer to a wide range of elements. Nose surgery may include altering the size and form of the nostrils, connection, nasal tip and/or other structures. The goal is harmonizing the shape and proportion of the nose utilizing the whole face.

More broadly, rhinoplasty may be used to describe not merely procedures that are cosmetic to influence the nose, but in addition surgical procedure to enhance the event of this nose.

Why do patients choose rhinoplasty? The 2 surgical focuses are closely connected as the form and function of the nose are intertwined. a visible asymmetry on the exterior more than likely indicates misaligned structures in  the inside. Such problems can disrupt and impede the free airflow, making breathing a far more task that is laborious it should be. Oftentimes, fixing the interior issue leads up to  a matching, aesthetically pleasing external shift, too.

Functional rhinoplasty

This is an issue seen in patients looking for rhinoplasty functional nasal passages being too narrow and crooked “deviated” type of cartilage known as the septum. Someone’s septum may be misaligned due to its development that is natural it would likely have now been pressed out of positioning as a result of injury.

On its own, an operation for straightening the septum is actually a septoplasty. Positioning the cartilage so that  it sits precisely vertical, as opposed to at an angle, makes it possible for atmosphere to go more easily through each nostril.

Another typical practical issue involves allergies, hormones or sinus infections causing turbinates to become dilated. Also referred to as nasal conchae because of their shell-like form, these structures warm and humidify the atmosphere because it moves through the nasal passages. Turbinates are constructed with bone tissue, blood vessels along with other tissue and are offered in three pairs: two superior, two middle and two inferior. In the event that turbinates—which that is inferior the lowest and largest associated with  the structures—become inflamed, they can prevent nasal airflow on both the proper and left side associated with the nose.

Turbinate reduction can resolve this dilemma. The procedure involves eliminating tissue to provide more open room that enables air to pass through by.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty

Patients pursuing rhinoplasty that is cosmetic usually cite asymmetry as being an issue they want corrected. A nose that tilts, leans or points too far towards the left or right can draw attention that is unwanted especially when all of those other top features of the facial skin are aligned symmetrically.

Other aesthetic issues nose surgery can deal with include extremely wide nostrils, a nasal tip that is either pinched or bulbous and a pronounced bump or dip on the dorsum. People whom simply believe their nose is “too big” often discover that there is one particular feature that is away from percentage.

Oftentimes, correcting an area that is key yield results that produce the whole nose may actually better stability aided by the eyes, lips, forehead, as well as other elements of the face including distance between these elements, their angles relative to each other and more.

What should you expect throughout your data recovery?

Regardless of their specifics that are procedural rhinoplasty patients should expect to wear a splint for about a week after their surgery. This will keep the nasal cells set up and ensure that they properly heal inside their new alignments.

Bruising and inflammation are also to be anticipated, lasting for about a couple of weeks. After the epidermis returns to its color that is typical and inflammation falls, the cosmetic results may well be more obvious. Note, however, that the nose takes time that is considerable heal, therefore full resolution may well  not happen for a matter of months, or maybe even a 12 months.

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Dieting During Menopause

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After a woman turns 40, the life-altering process of “the change” looms overhead with an average age for the onset of menopause being 51 years old. Women are still concerned with staying fit and losing weight, but there are some things to be aware of when it comes to dieting and menopause.

Developing a game plan is needed to stay on track for hitting the weight loss and fitness goals that a woman has set for herself. The key points of dieting during menopause are eating less and exercising for developing strength and increasing muscle tone. A diet plan that is both healthy and accommodating should be chosen. Losing weight at any stage in a woman’s life is not easy, but when dieting during menopause, there are extra barriers that you may encounter.

Menopause brings changes within the body. Many bodies react differently during menopause, but for the most part, you may see an increase in your waistline, thinner skin, aching joints and muscles, lost muscle mass, as well as weight gain. It is unknown whether this is a reaction to having less estrogen in your system or simply a part of aging. These changes will affect dieting and exercising during menopause.

To make dieting during menopause easier, you should first consult your primary doctor before beginning a new weight loss program. The doctor can give you insight on how to incorporate your overall health, menopause symptoms and weight loss goals. When dieting during menopause, the symptoms, such as hot flashes and mood swings may be eased when taking natural supplements, such as black cohosh or soy isoflavones. Often, these symptoms can distract those dieting during menopause.

Another thing to keep in mind when dieting during menopause is that taking a diuretic or any other diet pills is quite dangerous. Losing weight too rapidly can do damage to your health at this stage of your life. Diuretics cause you to lose water weight when dieting during menopause. This is not what you want to achieve. You should aim to lose fat, not water. Losing too much water will cause a loss in vital potassium, which leads to weak muscles, as well as mental impairment.

Weight loss can be achieved through the use of laxatives for those dieting during menopause, but this is not the correct and healthy way to lose weight. Diarrhea comes with the use of laxatives, which hinders food absorption, as well as causes dehydration. Appetite suppressants are also not recommended. Side effects, such as heart palpitations, anxiety and insomnia may occur. When dieting during menopause, you should stick with a healthy, nutritious meal plan that is also balanced. Exercise should be consistent and matched appropriately with your physical abilities.

Can You Lose Weight While On Birth Control?

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A question that crosses the minds of women considering contraception methods is whether or not you can lose weight while on birth control. For the most part, 95% of the birth control pills on the market contain high amounts of estrogen that can lead to fat storage. The worst of all fat-storing birth control pills are the ones that last for months, especially the brands that last for up to six months. These are the type of birth control pills that will lead to the most weight gain.

There have been numerous studies conducted on whether or not you can lose weight while on birth control. Since no body is the same, different reactions to the wide-range of available birth control methods is to be expected. The only way to see if your birth control causes you to lose or gain weight is to stop the pill for about three months and track the changes. During this test, a different method of contraception can be used. Birth control pills with the least amount of estrogen are less likely to cause weight gain, but are just as unlikely to cause one to lose weight. An example of a low-estrogen birth control pill is called Mircette.

But can you lose weight while on birth control? Is there a birth control pill that actually causes you to lose weight? A new product on the market, which mainly aims in keeping women from getting pregnant, also provides an alluring side effect that is catching the attention of many females. There are a large percentage of women who choose not to use birth control pills for fear of gaining weight. There is a new pill on the block, which may actually help you to lose weight while on birth control. The center of this debate is the birth control pill called Yasmin.

The word spread about Yasmin when several newspapers began to report on the pill’s potential to help women lose weight while on birth control. Further investigation revealed that Yasmin didn’t actually lead to weight loss, but caused less water retention and bloating, which causes scales to show an decrease in weight. Yasmin is not a birth control method that should be used just to lose weight. Some women experienced other side effects that make this birth control option a little less desirable. You may not retain as much water, but you could experience painful cramping.

Yasmin has prompted many women to request the “weight loss birth control pill,” but gynecologists agree there is no such thing. Weight loss or weight gain while on birth control is determined on an individual basis. Various studies on Yasmin showed that more women lost an average of 1-2 pounds while on the birth control pill, but a majority of the women also gained the weight back after a year. The only difference in Yasmin is that it does contain an ingredient proving a diuretic effect, which can give the impression that you can lose weight while on birth control.

Weight Loss For Women Over Fifty

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For weight loss management for women over fifty, there are many lifestyle changes to consider when you wish to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Some of these changes are suggested for dieters of all ages. For example, passing on the high calorie beverages, such as soda and latte smoothies does your body good.

Filling up on fiber-filled foods, such as fruits and vegetables is highly recommended. Fiber will also keep you regular and sometimes block food cravings and the tendency to overeat because you will also experience a sense of fullness. Enjoy the long, sunny days during summertime and take on days of walking, swimming or gardening, which is a great form of outdoor exercise. Take the time to actively play with your pets and grandchildren.

Weight loss for women over fifty calls for regular exercise rather than a focus on a difficult or strenuous exercise plan. You do not have to sweat yourself to death to achieve weight loss success. Choose exercises and equipment that will not harm any weakened muscles or joints you may possess. Women over fifty looking for weight loss should know that exercise will play an important role in this desire, as well as your overall health. The heart becomes stronger, improved circulation is achieved, muscles become toned, osteoporosis is often prevented, as well as a decrease in blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

When looking at weight loss for women over fifty, you will have additional concerns to pay attention to, in regards to losing weight, staying healthy and fit. This is the time that a woman may notice some of the negative effects that occur due to aging. These are things we have little or no control of and have to recognize and relate to whatever obstacle is presented. This is not a reason to abandon a weight loss program, exercise regimen or diet plan. Healthy eating and living is a must for people of all ages. Active women over fifty should also try to consume the daily recommendation of about 1,900 per day.

There are personal sedentary fitness programs for women over fifty that are interested in weight loss. These are for individuals who have trouble standing, walking or moving upright for long or short periods of time. This could be caused by an overall weakness of the body, as well as body part specific issues, such as a bad back, weak knees or poor balance.

Weight loss for women over fifty can be achieved by incorporating a variety of exercise approaches into their daily life. Interval circuit training is a good way to stay active, as well as get the cardiovascular system pumping. Sometimes hand weights could be used during this option to increase strength and tone of the body. Sometimes, toning and sculpting the body on top of weight loss is a goal for women over fifty.

There are programs available that firm and tone all of the prominent muscle groups. A variety of intensities are available for all levels of ability. Cardio-strengthening programs are an alternative for women over fifty, who wish to combine both stretching and low-impact aerobics into their exercise program.

Methods To Lose Weight Which Can Be Risk-free And Wholesome

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Nicely, you’ve decided to you wish to be healthier and shed weight. Fantastic! There exists a great deal information and facts that you may possibly not have access to any concept how to start, however. Don’t stress, weight loss tactics are in this article! Listed below are some suggestions that can help you get moving so that you can become happier and healthier.

Maintaining an everyday report of the amount of unhealthy calories you consume can assist you lose fat. This could help you eat less, and assist you to make much healthier food choices. Workout is vital, but a nutritious diet is essential if you want to get rid of lbs and sustain a healthy bodyweight.

A great way to slim down would be to reduce all of the soft drink you consume. Soft drinks is packed with sweets and sugars and many of us aren’t extremely cognizant regarding how significantly we actually consume. Reduce each of the unfilled calorie consumption you eat from soda and begin water to drink, a more healthy choice.

A great way to help you shed weight is usually to brush your the teeth every time you’re feeling starving. Cleaning your the teeth can make it in order that you’re much less inclined to nibble on anything. In addition, it foliage you with a minty clean oral cavity so you wind up acquiring the very best of both worlds.

Because the fundamental principle of weight reduction and obtaining fit would be to take in a lot less calories than you burn up, you shouldn’t waste materials individuals valuable calories on cocktails. As opposed to ingesting soft drink or sugary drinks, drink water and save individuals energy. This may be the important thing to using in under you’re burning up.

You should create the practice of consuming 3 x every day, simultaneously daily. This will help keep away from treats and in addition help you decrease the amount of food that you just consume. Eat each morning, about midday and all around nine in the evening for much better results.

Invest some time whenever you take a moment to enjoy. But you will additionally consume a lot less oxygen, causing significantly less gas, total, you will not only consume less simply because you are having intentionally. Consuming gradually also can make eating a far more pleasurable experience, since you get more a chance to preference your dinner.

In order to lose fat and keep it off you must make dining pleasant. Aside from, having scrumptious, healthful meals, you must develop a soothing consuming practical experience. Turn the television set away from and sit at the dining room or kitchen area desk. Try to eat with other family members. When you are having pizza, use typical dishes and flatware, even. Spend some time eating along with your physique will discover there is much more to meals in comparison to the level of food you eat.

Use reddish colored pepper flakes to restrain your craving for food. Reddish pepper is inexpensive and can be found at the most grocery retailers and stores. Professionals have found that it must be capable of controlling craving for food. Set red pepper flakes within your foods, a couple of times a day, to kill your very own urges.

Diet Regime

Make sure you are staying on your diet program program, don’t slack off. You might be inclined to cheat a little bit in some places but that doesn’t allow you to. Should you cheat don’t defeat your self up regarding it, just refocus and go back in your fat loss program. Just remember that each tiny bit brings up, a little bit cheating from time to time can result in weight loss endeavours being in vein.

Any diet regime you’re on in an attempt to drop individuals hard to clean pounds might be summed up in a really simple and easy very simple phrase. You should eat less and workout more! So simple sentence says everything you should understand about dieting, although of course, a lot of diet programs may have particular food list things and exercises you can attempt.

It is possible to lay down out your food list beforehand, producing your healthier eating plan simpler to stick with. Whenever you strategy your meals, you will not attempt to create a very last minute harmful food decision. Always adhere to your meal plans. Usually do not replacement a good food with junk food if you want anything fast, though you can feel free to swap the meals you have organized for one time with yet another. You can also apply certain calorie consumption when preparing food your own foods.

Weightloss programs may well be a excellent guide, but stay within your budget with your attempts. Several applications supply excellent resources, resources and data, nevertheless the expenses might be quite high. Be sure that you can find a program within your spending budget, or combine the ideas in the software in your personal diet program.

When trying to lose weight, it is very important that you can have a strict diet plan of food items you are aware are healthy for you. Keep in mind, eating is just 50 % of the struggle exercises are the other 50 %. Don’t let fat and cellulite destroy your system take control nowadays!

Monitor your development by means of a weight loss log. You will end up determined to keep using the diet program, by keeping track of your improvement. Provided you can really see how considerably you may have arrive, it will help you stay with the master plan, particularly in those occasions when you start to truly feel disappointed.

Add more various drinks in your diet program to present you energy. Not only will this give you feelings of being whole, but it will supply your whole body with nutrients your whole body demands. Once you combine fruit drinks with well balanced meals, your odds for successfully losing weight raise dramatically.

In order to slim down, you should be appropriately inspired. You are unable to lose fat as soon as possible if you are looking to drop it for a person in addition rather than yourself. If you do not actually have the determination to try out challenging, it will be very difficult to stick to an eating plan plan or give completely when working out.

You must feel better after reading those suggestions when it comes to shedding weight. At least you ought to have a concept of how to proceed and how to begin with your weight-loss, though which was much to study and believe through. In addition to, you can get back to this checklist.

Laparoscopic surgery

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Laparoscopic surgery is a medical procedure of surgical operation in the abdomen using a laparoscope to examine the internal organs of the abdomen and is done by making relatively small openings or incisions, usually around half an inch to one and a half inch incisions, as distinguished from other types of surgeries involving traditional methods. This is considered as one of among the modern technique of surgery but this medical surgical technique is often mistakenly construed and referred to as “microscopic” surgery, the latter implying microscopic or relatively small incisions. In a typical open surgery, the incisions must be large enough to allow the hands of the surgeon to enter the body of the patient while microscopic surgery requires various medical instruments or devices, such as magnifying devices, inserted through the relatively small incisions as aid in the medical procedure. Keyhole surgery, as the term implies, uses a tube-like camera device inserted into the patient’s body, as in a key inserted into a keyhole, and the images are directly displayed on computer monitors so that the surgeon may enlarge or magnify such images and determine the proper surgical approach. Keyhole surgery performed on patients whose areas that need medical attention are the throat and chest cavity is technically referred to as thoracoscopic surgery. Upon the other hand, keyhole surgery as used in laparoscopic surgery is performed on areas involving the abdominal and pelvic cavities. Both laparoscopic and thorascopic surgery are part of endoscopy – a medical procedure using an endoscope or a long tube inserted into the body through a small opening or incision for diagnostic examination and surgery. The main advantages of laparoscopic surgery over open surgery include reduction or minimal pain primarily of the small incision, reduced risk of hemorrhaging, and a relatively faster recovery period for the patient.
Gallbladder laparoscopic surgery ( Laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery )

Gallbladder laparoscopic surgery, also called cholecystectomy (“co-lee-sist-eck-toe-meeh”), is a medical procedure of removing the patient’s gallbladder. Traditional surgical procedure would involve incisions typically from five to eight inches in length in the abdomen particularly the area immediately below the right ribs down to the patient’s waist. This is traditionally known as open cholecystectomy. However, a modern way to remove the gallbladder is through laparoscopic cholecystectomy or the introduction of a laparoscope – a sterile, thin tube with a camera and glowing light to have a brighter image of the inside of the body, through a small incision just below the navel of the patient’s body in order to guide the surgeon of the procedure. Then, three other small incisions are made in the right upper portion of the abdomen. The gallbladder is then extracted passing through any of those three incisions.
Hernia laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair is a medical procedure to remedy the torn tissues in the abdominal wall by using tiny incisions, telescopes and patches. The main advantage of this surgery is the relatively faster recovery period for patients, thus enabling them to resume their normal routine or work and minimal pain felt by them. Using this kind of surgery, a tiny telescope called laparoscope which is connected to a specialized camera is introduced into the body through a cannula or a small hollow tube which allows the surgeon to have visual in the inside part specifically the injured part and the tissues surrounding it to be displayed on screen or monitor.

Aside from the cannula wherein the laparoscope is contained, other cannula may be inserted so that the surgeon may have other ways inside. The size of incisions are usually three or four quarter of an inch. The rupture or hernia is remedied from the back of the wall of the abdomen. A piece of surgical mesh is positioned over the hernia and secured with the aid of small surgical staples. General anesthesia is usually administered in this surgical operation or in some instances, regional or spinal anesthesia is used.

Laparoscopic band surgery

Through bariatic surgery, a restrictive device, or otherwise known as slim band or adjustable gastric lap band, is implanted in obese patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or above, or from 35 to 40 for patients who have afflictions which are known to be alleviated as a result of weight loss like, among other disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, or metabolic syndrome. The slim band is a prosthetic device made of inflatable silicone which is introduced usually through laparoscopic surgery and placed around the top portion of the stomach. This causes the creation of a small pouch located at the top portion of the stomach that can hold food up to approximately 30 milliliters or about 1/8 cup. The purpose of the said small pouch is to be filled quickly by food but slows down its passage to the lower end of the stomach. The brains registers that the entire stomach is full yet only the small pouch really is. This sensation makes the patient to feel hunger less often as it takes sometime to pass the food down from the small pouch.

Laparoscopic colon surgery

This medical procedure technique known as minimally invasive laparoscopic colon surgery allows practitioners to operate the colon through relatively smaller incisions. In common laparoscopic colon resections, it takes about 4 or 5 incisions which is about a quarter of an inch in length, done with the aid of computer monitors displaying a detailed and enlarged image as guide. The small incisions may be from 2 to 3 inches in length in order to complete the procedure.

Typical laparoscopic colon procedures are done using a cannula or a narrow tube-like device introduced to the abdomen. Then a tiny telescope connected to a camera called laparoscope is inserted and enclosed through the cannula in order to provide the surgeon a zoomed-in view of the patient’s internal organs as the video images are displayed on screen. This may require the insertions of several cannulas to allow the surgeon to have a wider perspective or view of the patient’s internal organs and to operate part of the colon.

Laparoscopic endometriosis surgery

The procedure for laparoscopy is done by inflating the abdomen with gas which is usually carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) or nitrous oxide (N 2 O), the latter is a non-flammable, sweet-smelling gas often used in dentistry or surgery and commonly known as laughing gas. The introduction of said gases is done by using a needle by injection procedure. The effect of such injection pushes away the walls of the abdomen from the internal organs to give the surgeon a better vision and perspective inside. Then, a laparoscope is inserted through a tiny incision, or in some other cases, some tiny incisions are made so that various angles or viewpoint may be accessible to the surgeon. This procedure takes about half an hour to almost three-quarters of an hour or 45 minutes maximum, depending on how experienced the surgeon is.

The surgeon may employ various techniques like excision or the “cut-and-remove” tissue procedure, electrocautery or the melting of scar tissue by laser beam or electric current. Stitches are performed in closing the abdomen but, usually there is minimal or no scars are visible upon recovery. This is due to the small incisions made.
Laparoscopic kidney surgery ( Laparoscopic nephrectomy )

The removal of the kidney is referred to as nephrectomy. The latest procedure for doing this is through laparoscopic surgery which is done by making three to four incisions which are usually one centimeter each in length. Then a thin tube with a tiny camera and spotlight attached to the end, or called laparoscope is inserted through said incisions. Then, the surgeon performs laparoscopic nephrectomy based from the zoomed-in or enlarged images displayed on a computer monitor in real time. Once completed, the kidney is extracted passing through one of the small incisions which is enlarged to accommodate the extraction of the said organ. The flexibility of the human skin allows large objects such as the kidney to pass through it without tearing or extending the incision.

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